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Because the city provides excellent homes for many birds, you can find anything from a tiny hummingbird to large birds of prey. Mostly, however, you will see songbirds such as House Finches, Sparrows, Towhees, Robins, Scrub Jays, or Mockingbirds living in your backyard. Despite the fact that your yard supports these birds so well, problems occasionally arise with them living so close to people. For example, what would you do with a bird your cat brought to you? What about the bird that repeatedly flies into your living room window?
Preventing a problem
To warn unsuspecting birds, put multiple bells on your cat's collar. Keeping your cat indoors especially during the day will benefit wildlife greatly.

Although some types of birds eat unwanted insects they can also destroy fruit and vegetable crops. Placing plastic owls, snakes, aluminum foil flags, wind chimes, or streamers in the problem area will scare them away. Remember to move the owl or snake often or the birds may become accustomed to them.
To discourage water birds from landing in your pool, keep the cover on or keep a large beach ball and other toys floating in the pool. Solar powered boats will also scare off unwanted ducks.
Outside the house
Place wire over the top of the chimney in the wintertime to deter nesting in springtime. For birds that are in the process of nest building you can disrupt the nest before eggs have been laid. It is, however, against federal law to disturb most bird nests that have eggs or babies.
Solving a problem
How do I stop a bird from continuously hitting a window?
The glare of the sun on a window creates a mirror effect, birds may see themselves and think it is an intruder. Birds are trying to protect their territory by attacking their image. Try closing your curtains or hang newspapers outside the window to reduce reflection. You can also buy window stickers and randomly stick them on your window. Cutting a bird silhouette from colored construction paper also works.
How do I get a bird out of my house?
Birds will typically fly toward light. Close all the curtains and turn off the lights. Leave the doors open and let the bird find it's own way out. Don't try to catch or chase it out. This will stress the bird and cause it to injure itself.

Birds Deer Opossums Pigeons Raccoons Skunks Squirrels Woodpeckers

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