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Backyard Wildlife
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There are a lot of wild animals out there, isn't it true? I hope you wake up in the morning to birds chirping and squirrels darting through your neighborhood. I hope you sometimes pause and take notice! The peaceful signs of wildlife can stay with you and help bring back perspective during a long commute or a stressful day. Seeing and hearing animals complete their daily tasks is refreshing: it is amazing to see how animals have adapted to new environments in the will to survive.
I know, too, that animals can sometimes get in the way of your plans: deer eating all the flowers off your plants (and leaving little else!) or raccoons opening garbage cans to make use of your leftovers. But we can find ways to coexist harmoniously, and perhaps the information in these pages can help you make a start.
Remember, animals have limited defenses against the mechanisms of modern society. We have to be responsible for their well-being at the same time as we are for ours!  And also remember that poisons are not usually the answer. They can also lead to primary or secondary poisoning to children, pets, and unintended wildlife.
In keeping with that, I offer articles, courtesy of the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, about the wildlife in area and preventing and solving problems related to them.  Click on the buttons above for more information for each animal.

Runty Raccoon's